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Upon the first contact, we make sure we do one important thing. First, we listen!

Selling your home effectively cannot be achieved without identifying priorities and outlining the process ahead of time.

Here at Property Animal Real Estate, we understand that if you are not happy, we’re not happy and that is not just lip service — we mean it.

As you start to think about selling your home, you will want to know how the real estate market is trending and where the current market value of your home stands.  Also, what small changes or improvements will be necessary to make your home presentable for today’s buyer.

We believe in educating clients and providing them with the most up-to-date market analysis available to price their homes. A well-priced home can sell quickly, producing competing offers which can lead to a higher sales price.

Deciding to sell your home is serious business. Call us and take the uncertainty out of selling your home and receive broad exposure—targeting the right buyer.

Discover what’s on the market.
Use our tools to see the competition!

Engage with a professional!

Interested in selling?
We will help you price it right!

Looking for results? Our marketing tactics will take the mystery out
of selling and provide homeowners with a great position to sell their homes.


Steps to Success

Step 1. Getting your house ready

Prepare your home by planning ahead or consulting with us — we’re just a phone call away.

Step 2. Pricing

We will develop a tailor-made marketing plan and calculate the best price to present your home. We’re here to support you.

Step 3. Market

We take a look at the best features of your home and introduce them to as many people as possible. It’s that simple.

Step 4. Showing the home

We will gather feedback from the open house or scheduled showings to gain more insight on market perceptions, making adjustments to maximize sales.

Step 5. Offers and Negotiation

We will ferociously fight for your position and put your interests top of the list. Our aim is to get the best price for YOU, not the buyer.

Step 6. Closing

We will walk you through the complete home selling journey from beginning to end, guiding you with professional advice.

Congratulations — it’s time to celebrate and plan your next move.