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Deciding to Buy

It’s not just about acquiring a new home; it’s about buying the right home at the right price.

Our mission is to help you to find a home that makes you fell inspired and proud of your new property. After hiring us to help you find your new home, we will discuss what you want and what you can afford and come up with a plan to balance those objectives.

Preparing to Buy

Once you’ve decided to buy, it’s time to discuss everything that you want in your new home as well as what you can afford, so that we can work towards the plan where we balance those objectives. It’s about making sure you’re happy with your decisions and that the plan reflects that.

Choosing an Agent

With an excellent real estate agent comes excellent market expertise. Everything from where home values are rising, to the best ice cream shops and concert venues: That’s the kind of intricate knowledge we use to satisfy our clients and any agent you choose should be able to do the same.

Sure, anyone can Google housing statistics and local community information, but agents are constantly in the know and building their networks so they can provide buyers with every last detail they need to know about a given area.

House Shopping

Keeping one’s head on straight is of great importance when viewing potential homes. Bringing a list to keep the important things top of mind will allow you to stay focused.

Remember not to be distracted by upgrades or details that may steer you from your goals. We’ll work with you, so you stay on point, while we diligently look for greater real estate opportunities that match your plan.

Offer and closing

If real estate іѕ аll about location, thеn it can be said that home buying іѕ аll about negotiation. Unlеѕѕ you’re buying іn thе hottest аnd most competitive markets, thеrе іѕ always room for negotiation.

After you decide an offer amount, we’ll submit it and check for updates. The offer stage can also be where the paperwork starts to pile up. As buyers and sellers take their stance and demands get made, we’re behind you organizing and looking after your best interest.

There’s no substitute for having a trained professional inspect the property for the quality, safety and overall condition of your potential new home. Not getting an inspection done could have you carrying a bill for mold, foundational problems, or a leaking roof.

We can provide you with options for your inspection needs — just ask!

The final walk through. If you need assistance with this, feel free to ask us, we will come along to make sure that things are in line with prior negotiations before the final signature.

Move In

Time to party!!

If you have any questions about home ownership or know someone that does, please pass on our contact info or call today.

Let’s find your dream home!